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Mycroft Holmes. I advise you not to take it to heart whenever someone implies that I hold a much higher position than I do. It won't end well for any party involved.

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I think that, maybe, tomorrow, I’m going to try to do something on here.
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curiousandcheekylittlebrat asked: "Because you're my brother and if you don't entertain me I will put bees in your room."

"You act as though I’m afraid of bees. It would be a fairly simple matter to get rid of them. I’ll indulge you, though. What do you want to do?" 

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curiousandcheekylittlebrat asked: "I'm bored."

"And this is my problem how, exactly?"

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curiousandcheekylittlebrat asked: "Brother. -the younger's tone was one of impatience-"

"Yes, Sherlock?" Mycroft’s tone was every bit as annoyed as his brother’s was impatient.

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Del finally did look up, a slight frown still on his features from his concentration and he quirked a brow as he saw the older gentleman approach him.

It took him a couple of seconds, but Del certainly put a name to the stern face after a couple of moments. “Mr. Holmes.” Del spoke, standing to greet the other. “I’m humbled that you’d come all this way to see me. Surely it can’t be me you’re wanting to see?”

Mycroft smiled as the younger man finally deemed it necessary to acknowledge him fully. He watched the look of recognition cross his face and then Del was standing, and Mycroft reached out a hand to shake, his grip firm and solid.

"Nothing so important that you should be too distracted from whatever it was you were working so hard on." He said, amusement tinging his expression as he gestured back to the man’s work space. "I had just heard that you had some rather interesting stories as of late, and came to see if you were willing to share." There had been reports of something more to his caliber leaking out and about, and he couldn’t have that.

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She smiled with a little bow as she went inside the restaurant, though the look on Mycroft’s face when the subject turned on his relationship with Sherlock suddenly turned into a much sadder one. She hated it - she had so many questions about it, but at the same time she didn’t want to ruin their dinner. He wanted him to enjoy it, he really needed to. So she just gently changed the subject, coming back to the John Watson’s subject - it was indeed an interesting question, what had made Sherlock decide that the doctor would have been a good flatmate. She had never thought about it. After a quick consideration, she shrugged.
"Love at first sight." she suggested, then considered the choice of words: "Or better, chemistry at first sight I guess. Sherlock can be fascinating, and John…he could be the peaceful - well, I guess more peaceful - and sensitive person Sherlock knows he needs, even though subconsciously." she made a pause, before realizing that it must have sounded rather stupid to her brother’s ears. "It’s just a guess, though. Maybe I spend too much time with girls analyzing other people’s characters - I should spend more time with men." she said, before turning the subject into an even lighter one, or at least lighter in case he didn’t take it seriously.
"Fun is good. You need some fun - and to bring the time they keep you busy would probably be a more than reasonable justification." she smiled, sitting in front of him: "And in case you need someone to take care of some of the countries, I would be a very amiable co-ruler. Just in case."

"Love at first sight." Mycroft repeated, eyes wide and almost concerned. "May whatever higher powers exist help us the day Sherlock Holmes declares love at first sight." It wasn’t that Mycroft thought his brother incapable of love- far from it, in fact- it was just that Sherlock was a creature of reason and logic, not so easily swayed by emotion. Love at first sight for his brother was something that Mycroft could easily see as the first sign of the apocalypse. If he was being particularly dramatic that day, that is. In all seriousness he wasn’t sure what to the of the- was it an accusation? No, it was simply a joke that he was over thinking. The prospect jarred him that much. He breathed out a laugh, shaking his head at her. "I believe you may be spending too much time reading fairytales, because those are the only places where love at first sight really occurs." He took a moment to sit down with her, barely skimming the menu. He was cheating today as it was, perhaps he’d just have cake.

"I doubt that the renewal of the empire and my subsequent rule would be seen as ‘fun’ by the majority of the people I would rule over." He chuckled, though, as she played with the idea of herself as a ruler. He could see it- giving her a small, gentle nation to govern with her soft hand and leniency. "Perhaps I could give you several smaller islands." He said finally, smiling fondly at her.

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She took his arm, staying under the umbrella to avoid the rain. “And you have done a great job as mother, as anyone can see. Both with me and with the country - I’d even say things are getting even too boring lately, I was hoping you would have decided to restore an empire and take the lead, it would be thrilling.” she half-joked - well, she had been thinking for more than what she would have liked to admit that he might have become the King when she was a kid, and let’s say that she wouldn’t have been so surprised if one day he might have moved to Buckingham Palace for good. Considering the way he gave himself to the job, or to the country.

"Well it’s a relief to know that you don’t do it to all the doctors - but, you know, there are many other ways to approach someone that don’t include suggesting him to get into a car and meet him in a warehouse. Most people get a little scared by that. Like, you could have invited him to dinner, apparently he is already used to be mistaken for a Holmes’ date it wouldn’t have even been awkward." she said lightly, before wondering if he knew that Sherlock knew what the thing was about and that Mycroft hadn’t just met him and had a lovely discussion. But after all, he knew that Sherlock didn’t have any filter, and he didn’t seem either surprised or upset by her knowing…
"Especially if you offer them money to spy on their flatmate - I know, I know that you did it because you are worried about Sherlock and…that’s nice, really, but…" she stopped, biting her lower lip as she tried to express herself - she knew that Mycroft of the two was probably the one who was in the right, and that he hadn’t been left many ways to approach Sherlock, but she had no idea where the whole thing had started from and deep inside, she couldn’t say neither of them was right - just trying to balance herself between the two and only sporadically speak of the subject with them. It was like having divorced parents.

"Now, now. You shouldn’t give me ideas. It’s been dreadfully dull as of late and that does sound like fun indeed." He smiled, wicked amusement taking over in the expression. He could very easily do something that recklessly interesting, but he would have to refrain himself. He wasn’t sure that they could really afford to become an empire again, anyway. There were too many things public and secret that would need to be fixed first. He tuned back in from his musings when she began to speak again, his smile growing slightly as she did.

"Better to strike fear than attempt to date, I’m afraid." He teased. "And worse yet, he’s an honest man who wouldn’t take a bribe. How Sherlock managed to rope him into whatever it is that he really gets up to, I’ll never know." He shook his head fondly, easing them toward the curb as a car pulled up precisely where they would climb inside. "I know how Sherlock and I don’t get on, though." His voice softened, eyes far away as he thought of better times between him and his siblings- before he’d decided to become the government. "That’s all in the past, though. Sherlock can’t get over his little tantrum so I’ll just go above his head and to Doctor Watson." Mycroft would never admit that he was equally as childish in their little feud. It didn’t do well to dwell on it too long, either. He’d just get bitter. He opened the door for her, smiling pleasantly as he returned to her again. Too much thinking about Sherlock would ruin the outing and he intended for it to be relaxing and as pleasant as possible.