Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft Holmes. I advise you not to take it to heart whenever someone implies that I hold a much higher position than I do. It won't end well for any party involved.


Mycroft wasn’t joking when he said his cars ran precisely on time. His time, yes, but then everyone else tended to run on a different schedule than he did, so it was only logical that they ran as he needed them to. The black car pulled up not five minutes after Jim had sent Mycroft his location, pulling up at the curb of south end of the bridge. One of the black suited men stepped out to wait for the criminal, holding the rear passenger door open for him.

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    Jim waved a dismissive hand in Mycroft’s direction as he turned to leave. One shoulder more hunched than the other, he...
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    "But of course I am. One of us has to be." He smiled again, gesturing toward the door for Jim. "Now before you lose your...